4 Times a Year Long-acting, Reversible. Depo-Provera Perpetual Calendar. !1999!Pharmacia!&!Upjohn!Company8379-12 USX!2712 February!1999. Contraindicated in patients with known or suspected pregnancy or with undiagnosed vaginal bleeding. Please see accompanying full prescribing information. 4 - T I M E S - A - Y E A R D O S I N G F L E X I B I L ...
Depo-Provera is used as contraception to prevent pregnancy. It is also used to reduce pain cause by endometriosis. Learn about side effects, interactions and indications.
Depo-Provera, a contraceptive injection that's given every three months, contains the hormone progestin to help protect from unintended pregnancy.
Calculate the date of your next Depo-provera injection.
Depo-Provera CI – Next Injection Date Calculator. Please use the Date Calculator below to calculate the date of your next injection. If you don’t know the date of your previous injection, please contact your health care provider.
July 17, 2024. Explains the basics of how to use Depo Provera (The Shot). Answers common questions such as: What if I am late for a shot? Does Depo have risks? How does Depo work?