UG303: EFM32 Tiny Gecko TG11 Starter Kit User's Guide The SLSTK3301A is an excellent starting point to become familiar with the EFM32TM Tiny Gecko TG11 Microcontroller.
UG-303. Bottom-Port I2S Output MEMS Microphone Evaluation Board User Guide. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. phone. The small size and low profile of the flexible PCB enables direct placement of the microphone into a prototype or an existing design for an in situ eval. ation. The EVAL-INMP441Z-FLEX consists of an INMP441 microphone soldered to a flexib.
UG303 adalah situs game yang membanggakan reputasi sebagai platform yang "Tergacor" dengan menawarkan kemenangan terbaik.
UG303 manufactured by: 200V; 3.0A ultra-fast recovery glass passivated rectifier; ultra fast switching for high efficiency. Others with the same file for datasheet: UG301, UG305. Download UG303 datasheet from.
7. Advanced Energy Monitor7.1 UsageThe AEM (Advanced Energy Monitor) data is collected by the board controller and can be displayed by the Energy Profiler, availablethrough Simplicity Studio. By using the Energy Profiler, current consumption and voltage can be measured and linked to the actualcode running on the EFM32 in realtime.7.2 Theory of OperationIn order to be able to accurately measure ...
4.3 Debug Connector (DBG)The debug connector serves a dual purpose, based on the debug mode which can be set up using Simplicity Studio. If the "Debug IN"mode is selected the connector allows an external debugger to be used with the on-board EFM32.
6.6 LC SensorIn the bottom right corner of the board there is an inductive-capacitive sensor for demonstrating the low energy sensor interface (LE-SENSE). The LESENSE peripheral uses the voltage digital-to-analog converter (VDAC) to set up an oscillating current through the in-ductor, and then uses the analog comparator (ACMP) to measure the oscillation decay time.